How can I use PARCC to help my students?

Technology in Instruction

PARCC is a computer-based test (CBT), which enables the use of new item types and tasks that cannot be used on paper-based tests (PBT) and also ensures that students learn computer-navigation and keyboarding skills that are necessary for both college and career. Click here for more information on technology in instruction.


Mathematics and English Language Arts

PARCC allows for teachers to have a comprehensive understanding of how students are meeting the higher CCSS. For more information on how to align your instruction with CCSS for mathematics, click here. For English language arts, click here.


Guide to Parents/Teacher Conversations

PARCC score reports can help teachers and parents understand where each student is successful and what areas they struggle in. By working with parents, teachers can facilitate conversations to that will help each student be more successful both in and out of the classroom. See the PARCC Guide for Teacher Conversations here.