How will PARCC help my child?

New Baseline, Higher Standards

The CCSS and PARCC raise the bar on the knowledge and skills we expect every student to possess when they graduate. These new standards will set a consistent expectation in English and math for every student, regardless of where they live. Click here to learn more about how PARCC was designed to assess students’ ability to meet raised academic standards.

Graduation Requirements

PARCC is a graduation requirement for all New Mexico seniors, starting in 2016. If you child does not fulfill the graduation requirement with PARCC, there will be retest opportunities available through your child’s school. If your child exhausts all retest opportunities, there are other ways they can demonstrate competency, as determined by your school district. Learn more about graduation requirements here.

Future Success

CCSS and PARCC were designed to ensure students have the knowledge and tools necessary to be successful in their careers and in college. To learn more about how PARCC was designed to help students be prepared for success click here.