National PTA President Promotes Understand the Score

Laura Bay, president of the National Parent Teacher Association, took part in a 14-station radio tour Nov. 10 to discuss PARCC’s new resources, designed to help parents better support their child’s path to college and career readiness. In 14 interviews that could be heard live in five different PARCC states, plus Washington, D.C., Bay promoted the new resource, a website designed to help parents comprehend their child’s score report and support their child in improving academically.“What those score reports will do is help parents help their child and their child’s teacher to understand where the child is in the learning standards of the grade level they took the test at,” Bay told WBZ in Boston. “I’m here to encourage parents to check out the resources, to check out the score reports, and to have a conversation about how their child did on the PARCC assessments.”  Learn more by clicking here.

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